Let The Planting Begin

After work last night, in the rain, The German and I began to nestle our green babies into the earth. We planted potatoes (All Blues, Yukon Golds, Russets) and English peas, snap peas, romaine, collard greens, broccoli, garlic, and yellow onions.


The German is very excited for what’s to come! And BTW do not mock the crooked row. It’s a COUNTRY garden; it doesn’t have to be perfect!


What’s a stirfry without SNAP PEAS?!


English Peas (my faaavorite) and romaine lettuce.


Collard Greens. We’ll pick them nice and young so they’ll be tender for our Portuguese Caldo Verde soup!


2 responses to “Let The Planting Begin

  1. German Translation: Green Peas – Grune Erbsen; Snap Peas – Zuckererbsen; Collard Greens – Kohlblatter. Sounds really yummy in German doesn’t it!

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