Herb Garden With A Story

So many interesting things happened in our Quintal this weekend! This picture and little blurb I’m posting reflects a few hours worth of work that was well worth it!

The German and I ran out of room in our enclosed garden for our herbs. In the end, we decided to plant them  outside our back door, near our kitchen. We moved the bird feeder a little closer to the house and marked the area around the old birdbath as the new herb bed.  Feeling comfortable that I could handle planting the herbs by myself, the German went off to his next weekend garden task.

I admit, I have that I-Love-Lucy gene.

I hop onto the tractor and head off to the back of the property. Years of neglect have left these 10-acres overgrown and full of surprises. I find my hidden treasure. This time old rotting fence posts are my treasure. I lug them out of the woods and haul them up to the herb garden. However, I soon find that digging post holes is a lot harder than it looks.

The German had mercy on me.

So instead, I watched HIM struggle. This soil is very thick and clay’ish and is packed with rocks. I thought he was going to ditch the project a few times… but he didn’t! He stuck with it. Voilà! Now we have a focal point for our herb garden!

But that’s not where it ends. The German suggested planting the raspberry bush near the fence. BRILLIANT MAN.

And that’s just what we did. It’s hard to see the other side of the bird bath where the actual herbs are planted, but it all looks very nice. Notice the red and yellow globe hanging on the fence? That’s a hummingbird feeder. I even plucked the rooster off my fridge to join this cute vignette!  As the raspberry vines grow, we will train them along the fence posts. This will certainly make raspberry picking very easy. We also planted huge sunflowers behind the fence and a butterfly bush at the other end. This is going to be one exciting herb garden once it fills in!

bird bath herb garden copy


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