October Garlic and Onions

Think about European cuisine without garlic and onions… IMPOSSIBLE!

In our house these two ingredients never run out; we make sure of that!  I love garlic so much that my favorite way of eating it is after a long oven-roasting with olive oil and smeared on some croutes… OH YUMMM.

More people should attempt to grow garlic and onions. They even do well in containers or pots out on the patio. These staples in our kitchens are easy to grow and can be stored away for a long time once harvested. Plus when you grow them yourself you can make those cool harvest braids with the bulbs and hang them in your kitchen!

So whatever plans you had for Saturday morning, scrap them. Go get some garlic and onion bulbs and drop them into the soil! In July you will be so happy you did 🙂

Where can you find them? Well, of course you can buy all varieties of bulbs online but you can also go to your local garden store and pick out the ones you like in person. In addition, if you have organic garlic in your panty, you can even use those cloves. Personally, I like going to my local Agway store and coming home with my goods that day.

Here are some pointers for success:

  • Select the sunniest spot you can find.
  • To ensure the bulbs have loose, well-drained soil, break up the earth and remove rocks and weeds.
  • Add some organic matter if available. Coffee grinds are an easily accessible source of nitrogen which garlic and onions both love.
  • Space according to the variety you are planting.
  • Cover with mulch. We use about 5 inches of straw. Straw can be found at most garden stores and is also very cheap and effective.

Best of luck to you and be sure to check back for harvesting tips in July!

Onion Sets
This is about the size of onion sets we like to start with.
Onion Sets
When you pick out your starter bulbs look for firm healthy bulbs.

Planting Garlic

Place garlic cloves root side down about 8 inches apart in all directions. Bulbs should be about 2 inches below the soil’s surface.
Planting Onions
Placing your bulbs in evenly spaced rows will make weeding easier later.
Onion Sets
Onion sets should be about 5 inches apart in rows 1 foot apart. Once they’re laid out, push them into the soil 1-2 inches deep.
Planting Onions
While the German diligently plants the onion sets, our 3 Weimaraner (German) dogs patrol the quintal for groundhogs 🙂

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