Peas and Carrots Before Last Frost

“Awww… winter’s over already??”

Said no one.  Ever.

Particularly on the east coast, people are nearly in tears aching for the warmth of the sun.  This year’s record breaking freezing temperatures and never ending snow storms, have left us all a little punchy. Some more than others!

I can hardly wait to start turning over the dirt… smelling the rich soil of the earth of my ancestors.  I’ll be wondering if my great-great grandmother in Portugal appreciated all the magnificent sounds around her as she planted the earliest crop of ervilhas (peas) and cenouras (carrots).

I think she would have liked the sounds of Pennsylvania’s mocking birds singing along to Jimmy Buffet.

I took the picture below a few days ago. When I was out walking the dogs, I noticed that the soil was moist and loose from the melting snow. I knew it was time so go visit my local Agway and get some seeds.

Garden Boxes Mid March 2014

It may be mid March and there may still be snow on the ground, but I can tell you the soil is SOFT from all the melting snow. In a day or two, The Big German and I will be out there scraping off whatever snow is left and getting our hands dirty!

Instead of buying bulk seeds (much less expensive) I purchased from the Botanical Interests line. All their seeds are UNTREATED and NO GMO’s. It may cost a little more but it is well worth it.

Direct Sow Early Spring Seeds

It’s amazing how many seeds you can sow directly into the soil BEFORE the last frost. If you’ve never done it, start with just one packet and be amazed! 

This year I brought home cilantro, broccoli rabe, arugula, mesclun lettuce, beets, leeks, collards, and of course peas and carrots!

I sincerely hope you pick up some early spring seeds and grow your own food, no matter what the size of your quintal!


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